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Welcome to Women in Rotary, showcasing the history and importance of Women in Rotary and women in leadership roles in our community...

International Women’s Day

Secrets to a Successful Event



If District or Cluster (group) committee members from different Clubs (expands your resources)

What style of event?

Attracting Partners

Suggestions: Presenting Partner, Major Partner, Raffle Partner, Corporate tables.

Do not make sponsorship/partners expensive..better to have their support than no support.


A Smaller Event

Organise a woman speaker or panel male and female for your Club:

……. Just as long as we all celebrate

Rotary embraces change and welcomes women !!!

International Women’s Day, Melbourne, Australia

Every year tackles a new issue...


The event keeps on growing...

 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Kerry Kornhauser
M: +61 411 597 690

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Women in Rotary


Women in Rotary is the home of The Rotary Club of Melbourne to initiate and support a dynamic Rotary culture where men and women work together to expand and build on existing strengths with the benefits of diversity to improve the lives of individuals and communities in a way consistent with the RI Strategic Plan

Core Values

Rotary provides opportunities for ordinary women to do extraordinary things.