WHEN?     From 9th to the 12th March 2021

WHERE?             Online at a time and place to suit you or a group of friends or colleagues

It’s on again…. but different!

The biggest International Women’s Day Breakfast in 2021 would like your company to make a difference.

The theme for speakers is “A Bold New World”.

As we are taking our International Women’s Day breakfast online, we are aiming to attract over 3,000 attendees for next year’s event. To help us do so, we have developed and continued to grow an engaged, substantial and selective database of over 3,000 people, as well as extensive social media links.  This will ensure that it is well publicised and recognised as a premium event.

This is valuable opportunity to demonstrate and promote your commitment to gender equality in your workplace.

The IWD Breakfast not only is inspirational and fun, we are proud to say that it has also raised over $300,000 supporting charitable organisations. We partner with Charities whose services are focused on youth suicide, children, women, families, family violence and homelessness. Working together and supporting these organisations has proven to provide a positive impact on the lives of those we directly and indirectly help.

Women in Rotary has a renowned reputation and is currently engaging with a number of high profile business people, including International speakers, to participate in our special event.  The event will have an International flavour with people joining us from Melbourne’s sister cities. Over nine years we have attracted an audience of 70% women and 30% men, with 70% representing the corporate sector and with 80% over the age of 30 years. For your information, please see a list of past participants on the final page of this document

The Women in Rotary, International Women’s Day Breakfast has, through return attendees and highly positive feedback, earned the status of ‘the best International Women’s Day event in Australia’.

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