International Women’s Day

Secrets to a Successful Event


  • Showcase Rotary
  • Spread the word that Women are welcome to join Rotary
  • Rotary supports Women
  • Do not make it an expensive event, as important to maximise these messages to the maxim number of men and women attendees


If District or Cluster (group) committee members from different Clubs (expands your resources)

What style of event?

  • Breakfast
    is the cheapest event and can ensure maximum numbers of men and women
  • Discussing a gender diversity issue
    a panel of men and women will ensure that your event is a huge success.
  • Choosing your topic
    or use one of our topics from previous years and the graphics
  • Choose your Charity
    preferably those that are women focused
  • Ticket System & Pricing
    Early Bird ( good excuse to advertise that the Early Bird is ending)
    Keep it low in price so maximise numbers
    Easy to use booking system

Attracting Partners

Suggestions: Presenting Partner, Major Partner, Raffle Partner, Corporate tables.

Do not make sponsorship/partners expensive..better to have their support than no support.


  • Rotary Clubs Presentations to each Club  Power Point and flyers
    (Power Point short presentation. Sample on website)Stress the message this event is for their children in the workforce as the Corporate Sector wish to support International Women’s Day

    Social Media…   team of people working on all online streams

    Create a database network to spread the word

  • Year 12 StudentsAsk Rotary Clubs to invite/sponsor their local school students for them to attend(then the students are invited back to the Rotary Club present their report

    Having two positive experiences about Rotary… who knows where that will take them!)

  • Real Estate BoardsOrganise with Real Estate Agent to have boards on Rotarian’s and Friends fences who live on main streets(spreads the word that Rotary is active, embracing change discussing gender diversity issues)
  • DatabaseSend out regular emails 4 weeks prior to the event encouraging people to join the eventAnd invite others.

A Smaller Event

Organise a woman speaker or panel male and female for your Club:

  • offer everyone a glass of wine or orange juice
  • celebrate International Women’s Day

……. Just as long as we all celebrate

Rotary embraces change and welcomes women !!!

International Women’s Day, Melbourne, Australia

Every year tackles a new issue…

The event keeps on growing…

 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Kerry Kornhauser
M: +61 411 597 690