We are so excited that Mischa Ginns received the Rotary Shine On Recognition Trophy for Community Service.

She believes that community service is a team effort and would like to thank all those who have worked along side her, inspired her and supported (and still continue to support) her through a very tough time in her life to keep looking forward and outward.

To make a difference to the lives of others and contribute in the small way is such a rewarding experience, she finds. In helping others, it has in turn helped her on her road to recovery.

She made a big thank you Rotary Club of Albert Park for the nomination and being there to support her, Sandi Fulcher for being her rock in some of the most challenging times in the last few years and connecting her in other areas of Rotary to help out with, Bronwyn Stephens for being so inviting and encouraging, Kerry Kornhauser, Loretta Michaelsen, Henry Blatman for involving her in the Women in Rotary team to implement change, inspire people and help a variety of charities.

She is certainly “inspired to continue to make a positive difference in whatever way I can, instill goodwill in mankind and give back tenfold for all that has been given to me.” Said Mischa.

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